Batch 29 - Fantasy - Arbor of Elthea - Warden of Raelin III

Batch 29 - Fantasy - Arbor of Elthea - Warden of Raelin III

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BATCH 29 - 7/20/2021

Matching Card Types +1% Income Boost

Matching Faction Types +1% Income Boost

Match card types and faction types for stacking bonuses!

Earliest batches have the highest intrinsic value (max level cap)! Buy your cards now before they're gone!



Full presentation link

Full Passive Income Card Listing


When I buy a card can other people buy it too?

When you buy a card it is taken off the marketplace. Only you, the original purchaser, can resell it once our marketplace is online.

I have bought a card, when can I resell it or earn PIU?

Our goal is to launch our marketplace in 2022, then you can earn PIU and trade cards and units.

What are the income boosts for earning / matching card types?

Each card earns at a bonus rate of 1% per a matching card type in the account and an extra 1% per a matching faction type. If you own 5 matching base types and faction types, that is a 10% bonus.

What is the benefit of buying cards now before the platform is launched?

Cards released earlier have higher potential market value because max level caps are based on sale date.

I want the highest value cards, what do I look for?

Browse our store for the oldest released cards, they will have the highest max level cap. We suggest purchasing as many of the same factions and matching base types as you can.

I want to trade my card on the open market, how do I do that?

You will be able to trade your card on our platform after launch - however if you want to trade before that, you can choose to convert your card to an Ethereum NFT. You will need a wallet like Metamask to do so.

What's the catch?

Blockchain Kingdoms earns 1.75% of the total PIU daily pool to resale on the marketplace. (accrues only after official launch).


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